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If you aren't fond of leaving fate in charge of your love life, you'll need to learn new tactics to meet someone special. Knowing where to find other singles, how to start a conversation, and whether or not a date is going well all fall within this skill set. These resources will show you how..

Have you ever had a date on Thanksgiving, and weren't too sure what to do? I have, and let's just say dinner at his parent's place for our second date wasn't the best of ideas.

Its a fine line, enjoying someone's company on a holiday like Thanksgiving, which is traditionally shared with close friends and family only. But for those of us who either don't have family close by, or want to do something fun before the family events later in the evening, these Thanksgiving date ideas are sure to pique your interest and get you and your date having a great time, together.

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You may have just met, or only had a handful of dates together, but you want to do something with the person you've got your eye on. These Thanksgiving date ideas are purposely casual yet offer enough face to face time for the two of you to get to know one another better..

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